Kristoffer Storjohann 

I was born in Norway and as long as I can remember I had a longing for the unknown mysteries of the wide world. With that in mind, I focused on learning foreign languages. My parents took my brother and me to Venice when I was 11 years old, and that journey marked me forever. There was an infinite magic in the world to be discovered.

Art and music has been a central part of my life. I studied fine arts in Spain and in Berlin, I put on art shows and played guitar and bass in different bands.  My artistic perspective on life was in part what made me resonate so strongly with the Ars Amorata message. When my father died, it hit my like a ton of bricks:” Life is now.” So I decided to make my own music and have since publish several records and played live shows.

Creativity is something a ponder on all the time. As far as I am concerned, the human nature is in essence that of the artist. Many problems that people face is due to a lack of imagination. The dreamer is better off, because he can create a vision to pursue.

I was in the first Ars Amorata group back in 2008. It was such a life changing experience and one that I have been grateful for ever since. A lot of challenging events had taken place in my life up to that point. With the Ars Amorata message, I got a second youth, a second chance to face existence head on in an entirely new way.

A new spirituality shoot roots in me on the heels of this change. The conditioning that I had been exposed to, was not beneficial, nor did it represent the truth in any way or form. This made me look for the truth in other places. I believe that the human potential is way beyond what we realise both individually and collectively. 

Shortly after the course I invited Zan and Hans to Berlin and we became good friends. I got to travel with them all over the world. With that came the opportunity to meet students, help out at workshops, going out with them to talk to girls. I was thrilled to be a part of the Ars Amorata movement. My undying  love for women was a very central part of everything I have done, and I learned so much from being around men who ask good questions. To this very day, I feel such a deep respect for anyone who takes a step into the unknown territory, in quest for himself.

My life has been full of ups and downs. I have been very fortunate in many ways, had lucky breaks and a been around fantastic people. I have been blessed with great friends and wonderful lovers. However, I have also faced misfortune and felt tested many times. One of my strengths is that I have tasted life to the fullest, both bitter and sweet. 

People have often called me a free spirit, and I always felt extremely flattered by that. The truth is, that I am also a bit of a lone wolf. I am not one to fit in easily. Without compromise I have lived by my own values, and more than once I have chosen freedom over happiness.

I have a strong rebellious streak in me. It has both been a blessing and a curse. A lot of the work I do now on myself, is to find a less reactive way of living. Still I am very grateful for my relentless warrior nature, my passion, grit and resilience. It is really something that has given me the most in life.