Jordan Luke Collier

I am a long-term, long-time member of the Ars Amorata team, and Head Coach since 2012. While many think that approaching a beautiful woman, blurting your truth and celebrating her is the essence of our message, for me that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Only when you realise just how powerful your presence and your curiosity is — when you realise how much the great women of this world crave good men — does the real journey begin. Because only when you know your power can you take responsibility for what you create with your relationships, your expression, and your truth.

An international career in corporate and inter-cultural consultancy was ahead of me, and I was training as a psychologist and a coach, when I came across the Ars Amorata. I let all professional pretences slide. And followed my passion, my libido, the inner adventure. That psychological and inter-cultural lens hasn’t left me though, and as a coach I seek nuance, precision and complexity when it comes to understanding our attractions, our affairs, and the ways in which we get stuck. Shadow work (with a huge dose of humour) is central to my work. As are embodiment, emotional literacy, and the exploration of transpersonal (or sublime) states of consciousness. Falling in love is such an altered, transpersonal state. And I believe every sincere man longs to experience this a good few times within the span of his life… and, if possible, to make those feelings last.

My coaching practice is now open: you can book a session here. For a more immersive introduction to my coaching angle, you can join my on-demand video course Lover Outlaw Trickster Magician, where I give a comprehensive ‘inner work’ tour of the classic Essentials themes, and you will learn how to emit an archetypal presence through your body.

For those who want to go all-in with my way of working, you can also apply for one of my year-long mentoring groups. First up, Mastery is an in-depth exploration of your psychological and spiritual potentials (and blindspots) with women, a place to learn how to feel the energetic dimension of intimacy and seduction, and learn the erotic arts from a place of true self-understanding. Then, for those who want to climb the pinnacle of this message and hone their leadership and their offerings in the world, Legacy is all about the ultimate question of purpose: will you, or will you not, pass on the beauty and wisdom that you’ve known, to the next generation.

I hope to see you in one of these deep-dives soon.